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Why should you choose Meal Bunk?

Through Meal bunk, can order food from home chefs and cooking enthusiasts. This helps in tasting variety of home cooked food which are additive free. The food is prepared with utmost care and love for food. Therefore, using this unique food is a different experience altogether.

The Process of ordering a meal:

You just need to select the meals posted by the meal bunk chefs (household ladies/ working women). If it matches your liking and taste, then you can avail the facility. It is a simple process made available to all with reasonable rates. An SMS/ E-mail confirmation will be sent to both the buyer and seller once order is confirmed.

Process of receiving the Meal:

Once you (buyer) places an order for the food, the seller is notified about the same. The Meal Bunk chef will prepare and drop the meal at the nearby Meal Bunk outlet. If feasible, you can collect the food packet from the Sellers place itself. Meal Bunk provides the two options of collecting of the food in accordance to your interest and wish.

Cancellation of Orders:

Currently, the option of cancelling given orders is not available. Changes on this front will be made available when applicable.

Issues with the food:

In case the buyer faces a problem with the food, he/she can always write their reviews on the site. Reviews are essential for the future buyers, so the option of letting other know your review are made available on the Meal Bunk site.

Home Chef

Want to be a Chef?

Have you been preparing delicious food for your family and friends? This is the right opportunity for you to join Meal bunk. It shall let people know about your various recipes and taste the food prepared with goodness and love.

Being part of Meal Bunk's shall allow the chef to earn good bucks. It is a great opportunity to earn some money for all the enthusiastic chefs out there! You just need to post all your varieties of food for people to view. This will enable the buyers to view the recipes and order them. For this, the chef will be paid for the thing they love to do, which is to cook food.

Type of meal and quantity:

The home cook shall need to choose either lunch or dinner food (or both) for preparation. They also need to specify the quantity of food they shall be ready to prepare. This will enable to have a customized amount of food being prepared on a regular basis.

Posing of Meal:

The Home cook is advised to post the meal details in advance on the site to enable a smoother functioning. Having time on hand shall allow the cook to prepare the food at a comfortable speed. Whenever the home cook wants to stop serving the food, they can de-activate themselves.

The seller can post any number of meals as per convenience. The seller has control over the posts on the portal and they can maintain their profiles, messages, and also be in contact with their followers.

Points to ponder while cooking food:

The home chefs need to understand that the food they are cooking is going to be delivered to various buyers. They should keep in mind of the commitment to serve the best quality food with utmost care. We recommend you to serve healthy and tasty food which shall not only help the chefs in getting prominence and more buyers but also help build a healthy living system in the Meal Bunk group.

The Payment system:

Meal Bunk has positioned 10% tax charges + Rs. 5 (to be given to the Meal Bunk outlet). The rest of the amount shall be of the chefs (sellers). To be precise, if the meal has been priced at Rs.100 by the seller, Rs. 85 shall be pursed by the seller. The payment gateway charges are included in it.

All of the Meal Bunk payments are processed via PayTM. In the current market, large number of small/medium/large scale companies use PayTM as a mode of payment which is trusted. For more information regarding the same, we encourage you to visit www.paytm.com.

Once the amount is generated, it shall automatically be credited into your given account. The procedure is simple and straight with no delays in receiving the payment.

Tips for better visibility:

  • Complete your profile on the Meal Bunk portal. This shall let the buyers know the place from which you are delivering the food and the proximity of the distance.
  • Click and post good quality pictures of the food on the portal.
  • Price it right! When developing a base of customers for your food, the quality and pricing, both are vital factors.